5 key ways industries are using iObserve

More and more industries are finding out how much time and money iObserve can save them. Not sure how iObserve can help you? Here are some of our favourite uses from our customers in 2017:

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1. Evidence for Apprenticeships & End Point Assessment

Apprenticeships are the talk of every town at the moment. And why wouldn’t they be? With the chance for apprentices to learn practical skills in the work place is invaluable. But many are understandably concerned apprentices aren’t getting the level of education they require or deserve. But with iObserve, apprentices can submit evidence of all their hard work in either audio or video format, providing irrefutable proof they know their stuff. Assessors can then view the evidence and return to points in the recordings, pause, time-stamp to criteria and make notes. Not only does this stop bottle necks when trying to co-ordinate the apprentice and the assessor to be in the same room, it also means nothing is being missed at the cost of note taking, and both the candidate and the assessor can be confident in the grading of the assessment, improving the quality of apprenticeships everywhere.

2. Keep your Health & Safety record pristine

While some tabloids may like a good moan and groan about health and safety, recent high-profile events have proved just how costly not performing vital checks can be. Businesses are putting their livelihoods, and their employee’s lives at a real risk by not having robust enough systems in place to make sure everything is as safe as it can be. With iObserve, checks can be performed quickly and regularly with ease. What’s more, any issues can be quickly raised by being time-stamped in the recordings, and therefore resolved with a speedy turn around. Great for any business, whether you operate out of an office, depot, factory or shop floor, but particularly good for companies with vehicles or machinery that must be checked sometimes daily. The time saved with iObserve could equate to thousands in revenue annually, and it may just save a life too.

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3. Source the right talent when interviewing candidates

Hiring the right talent is an essential part of any business, but when you see so many candidates for a competitive role, it can be difficult to distinguish one from the other. Make sure you hire the right person for your business by using iObserve in the interview, and time-stamping essential or desire qualities for your applicants, at the click of a button as they are brought up. Then, on review, you can go back and revisit anything contentious, or discuss candidates with current staff who may have been unavailable at the time of interview. You can also provide valuable feedback for your candidates, which will go a long way to establishing your reputation as a business in the current job economy.

4. Coaching, teaching and mentoring

Coaches and tutors were some of the first to adopt iObserve as essential equipment when providing feedback to players and learners. Not only can they provide clear evidence to submit in order for the students to be awarded with the qualifications they deserve, they can also instantly demonstrate to students the areas that they excel in, and the ways in which they can improve. By time-stamping criteria and notes to the recording, students get a much clearer idea of the standards they need to hit in order to develop or gain their credentials. It’s a win-win for coaches, as they see players improve more quickly with a greater understanding, and it also cuts down on paperwork when putting players through assessments. And of course, this same application can be useful for any employees who are going through NVQ, apprenticeship or internal or external workplace assessments.

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5. Research for marketing, case studies or articles

You’ve been given a project to research and have to collect first-hand sources, but transcribing takes all day and you find it’s hard to keep your files organised enough to keep track of your original points amongst all that data. From collating testimonials to first-hand research for a feature, iObserve saves hours in transcribing and rescues you from skipping through endless recordings to try and find that one useful and very quote-worthy thing that was said. Simply click during the interview or in review to add notes, or keep track of where each question was asked with a marker to be able to sift through your research with ease.

iObserve is quickly becoming an essential piece of software for individuals across a huge variety of sectors.

We would love to hear your ideas for iObserve, and are happy to discuss developing the app further for your needs.

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