iObserve is a new observation tool for your tablet, Windows PC or Mac that enables teachers, tutors, interviewers, coaches, assessors and more to glide through assessments or interviewers, recording and reviewing observations with the click of a button. Time-stamp the points candidates or interviewees hit criteria in an instant. No more taking notes and missing what is being said or done.


With this paperless and seamless new approach to assessing, you’ll spend less time writing up reports, and have more time for everything else that you do. The cost-saving implications of iObserve are staggering, with not only time saved writing the reports, but time saved trying to make arrangements to get the assessor and candidate in the same room together to perform the assessment in the first place.
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For your tablet

The iObserve app is great for coaches, assessors, teachers or journalists out in the field. Record your observations, and instantly add criteria and notes to time stamped points in the recording. Next, review the recording, and finally, both you and the candidate have the option to instantly sign off on the interview or assessment and create a declaration with all of the signatures and evidence in your documents. iObserve even compresses the recording for you, allowing you to easily send video or audio from your tablet to any device or cloud. Take a looks at our video below on how to use iObserve to its full potential.



For your Windows PC or Mac

Great for those who find themselves attending a lot of assessments or interviews. Now all of your observations can be done at the comfort of your desk. Import any audio or video file type. Candidates can send in their own recordings of evidence, whilst you review and time-stamp criteria as it’s met. Ever wanted to go back and hear the last thing a candidate said during an observation? Now you can. Get through multiple interviews or sessions in one day. Transcribe more effectively with notes time-stamped into the recording. iObserve for Mac or Windows PC is not only versatile, but transforming professions everywhere.

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What iObserve can do for you...

iObserve is the ultimate observation tool


Record audio and video as evidence.

Create a declaration signed by you and the candidate.

Add your own criteria/standards/milestones, or download qualifications from our inbuilt shop.

Save the recording to your device or export it to your computer.

Time stamp criteria against the recording, and jump to those points in the recording.

Save time – no more report writing!

iObserve screen shots


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